Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Single Girls Guide to Valentines Day Part 2

So my last post discussed the option of a night in for any single ladies on Valentine's day, but this could also be the ultimate night out for anyone looking for a potential man, or the perfect excuse for a girls night out.

What better way to meet single people, than to go out of on Valentine's night. So long as you chose your location wisely(read: avoid romantic restaurants) you could find yourself surrounded by fellow singles.

If you and your girls have been meaning to organise a big night out, then this could be the perfect opportunity. Why not try somewhere new, venture out of your usual local bars and clubs and meet some new people?

3 things to consider if you're heading out on Valentine's day/night are...

1) Dress to impress...yourself- Wear something that makes you feel incredible. It sounds simple, but so often I find myself wearing something that I don't want to be noticed too much in, or playing it safe in black. Use this as an opportunity to pull out that outfit that is super special and you have been wanting to wear for ages! The above combination would be my outfit of choice.
2) Don't be hating on couples!- Yes, it sucks to see constant PDA's, but it is Valentines day and you have chosen to leave your house, it's bound to happen!
3) Have fun- Just let your hair down.Grab yourself a drink, a vodka cranberry and lemonade if you're buying, and dance the night away.

Okay, so it all sounds a bit clich├ęd but it really is a good opportunity to meet people if you usually struggle finding the ones that haven't already been snapped up.

The basic message is, stop feeling sorry for yourself, put Beyonce on and go out and dance! Not only  does dancing make you feel happier, but the calories that you burn while you're dancing will mean that you will be guilt free when you wake up the next day and indulge in greasy food and fizzy drinks. It's a win, win really.

However you chose to spend your Valentines day, remember that it is just another day and it will all be over for a whole year before you know it, so enjoy yourself!

Let me know what your plans are, at the moment I think I will be enjoying an evening that looks pretty similar to my part 1, but we'll have to wait and see!

Chloe xx

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  1. Totally agree, I don't understand why everyone gets so down on valentines day, get out, it's not like its just you not with someone

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

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