Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wednesday Wishlist 4!

Wednesday Wishlist


So this week's wishlist feels like a little bit of a cheat as I actually started putting this together  at the weekend and have been adding to it as I've seen more things that I like. As such, I may already be the proud owner of a couple of these items...

1) I saw this coat in River Island a couple of weeks back, tried it on and feel in love. Pay day came around and on Sunday I bit the bullet. It's now only available in sizes 14 & 16 online and that made me want it even more! I have worn it every day since I bought it and although £80 for a coat which I really don't need is a bit hefty, I am extremely happy with my purchase.

2)  I have had my beloved Casio watch for over three years now and although it is still going strong, it is starting to look like it has seen better days. As much as I like the Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs chunky rose gold watches, I feel like they are just a bit done now and they are also very expensive for an impulse buy. I think this rose gold Casio would make a lovely replacement to my current one.

3) Okay, so here's the second cheat item! This is currently on it's way to me. I am at that stage where I am trying to use the remains of all of my favourite foundations as they all seem to be coming to an end at once. After reading some reviews online, Kate sold me on the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation. Let me know if anyone would like a review!

4) When I was leaving Topshop last week my mum spotted a "Chloe" necklace in the style of the Carrie one above. It was the only name there and there was only one left....clearly it was meant to be? But no, I made the silly mistake of not bothering to queue again and I have been experiencing the opposite of buyer's remorse ever since. I have been loving layering dainty necklaces recently and this would be perfect for that.

5) Finally, the hat. I never wear hats, I have bought them in the past and left them sitting unloved at the back of my wardrobe. For some reason I have an image in my head of me wearing this, with a really simple outfit and minimal make up and *fingers crossed* my newly blonde hair in a couple of weeks.

So this has basically demonstrated my lack of self control when it comes to shopping!

What have you guys been lusting after/buying this week?

Chloe xx


  1. I love the this coat!
    Topshop does a great pink one too!
    Make sure to check out my blog: