Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wednesday Wishlist No. 2!



This week I booked a holiday for later on in the year and it's got me craving warmer weather!

1) I have wanted a Whistles leather jacket for as long as I can remember but every time I try them on I never seem to be able to justify the price. However, I really love the padded detailing around the shoulders and wrists and even though I usually prefer gold jewellery, i like how the silver hardware looks on this jacket. 

2) This Topshop dress is just very me. There's nothing too crazy about it, I can just see it fitting into my wardrobe very nicely. A girl can never have too many dresses right? 

3) I've been eyeing these Topshop shoes for a while now and was hoping they'd go into the sale after Christmas, but no such luck! I think they're a really nice height for making you feel a little more put together but not so much that you feel over dressed. 

4) So here's the real splurge item for this week's wishlist. The Celine cat eye sunglasses. I just think they're beautiful! I always seem to be drawn to tortoise shell, I think it's very flattering on my skin tone (pale). These may have to be a Birthday present to myself a little later on in the year.

If I carry on with these wishlists there's going to end up being a lot of items on the "birthday presents to me from me" list!

Is it just me that is ready for some more sunshine now that Christmas has been and gone?

Chloe xx