Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wednesday Wishlist!

This is why I need to be rich!

I've decided to start a new little feature, the Wednesday Wishlist! All the things I'm lusting after each week, some of which will probably end up in my wardrobe very shortly. I think it's a nice way to visually put together potential outfits. 

1) I saw these gorgeous Topshop boots when I was in the store last week and really love how chunky they are. They would add a really nice edge to a girly outfit and I think they would be great all year round. 

2) Ahhh :( look how beautiful this Stella McCartney sweater is! I'm not usually into graphic prints and I usually go for more plain items, but there is just something about this that I really love. Unfortunately, at £440 I think this may just have to be one of those items that is admired from afar. 

3) Oh Nars, you always seem to lure me in. It's almost time for me to repurchase my beloved Nars Sheer Glow (for the 4th time!) and I have a sneaky suspicion that while I'm making an order, this velvet matte lip pencil in Damned, a gorgeous pink toned berry colour and also the creamy concealer may find their way into my basket...we'll see. 

4) I really like the lace detailing on this black Zara skirt and now it is in the sale for £19.99, I may struggle to resist this bargain. 

What are you guys lusting after this week? 

Chloe xx

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